Saturday, December 31, 2005

Grandma had a friend over today. Her friend Nita had extra legs! Metal legs! Not the kind Timmy's Grammie has. A different kind. Grandma told her friend she should visit Timmy's site and see him using his Grammie's metal legs. I thought maybe I could use Nita's extra legs (she calls them crutches) but I'm not tall enough to use both of them at the same time. So I figured I'd better just let her use them.

Mom's hurty tooth place is getting better, by the way. Mom did get a repiration infection tho, or a cold or something. The bean vet gave her pills tho and they seem to be working. Yay! She was all excited today cause she got to eat solid food. I eat solid food all the time and I don't see what the big excitement is. Well, food can be exciting. But sometimes mushy food is tastier. You know, like stinky goodness. Maybe Mom's mushy food wasn't so tasty for her.

Tomorrow Mom and Grandma are going to eat sushi. I want to go too. Mom says they won't let cats in, tho. That's so not fair. After all, sushi is sposed to be made with fish and cats love eating fish! This is a page from the place they're gonna go. It seems kind of a shame they mess the nice fish up with all that rice.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Mom got her hurty tooth axed out. We been sitting on her and purring lots. I sneaked off to the puter to tell you she's ok tho. :) Thank you for your purrayers and happy thoughts. Mom says she's sore but she's not as sore as the abcess thing made her, so that's good. Grandma says to tell you that the moral surgeon said it went really good. I gotta go back and curl up with Mom. Maybe she can blog a lil and say hi tomorrow. :)

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Thank You Secret Paws!!!

With Mommy's hurty tooth we got our goodies but couldn't open them right away. First she made us wait til me and Mini and Sanjee all got ours. Then she felt really icky with the abcessed toothy and the brainkillers. But Christmas eve we got to open. Yay!!!

Lookie at what I got from my Secret Paw Shadow!

This is for me? All for me? Cool!

Oh lookie! A neato shiny kitty wand. I'll have to get the staff to do their job and wave it around for me. Maybe they can use those opposable thumbs to help me get it out of the package too.

Oh yes, I LIKE this LOTS!

And lookie! Shiny mousies too!

And a jingle ball! Wow! You're a super Secret Paw, Shadow!

Thank you so much Shadow!!! I love all my goodies! It's hard to decide which to play with first!

I'll try this one. Shake that stick, Grandma! Woo hoo!

It's even good to gnaw on when the staff is pooped!
Thank you thank you thank you Shadow!

And Mini got her Secret Paw stuff too! Since she's too lazy to blog (she just reads them with me!) I'll let her put her piccies on my blog.

Hi, I'm Mini. I'm Boni's and Sanjee's sister and I don't blog much. I'd rather eat and nap and play. But I read yalls blogs with Boni and that's lots of fun! Boni said I could post about how much I love my Secret Paws goodies, too! Thank you Boni.

Like Boni said, we had to wait til Christmas Eve to open our Secret Paws pressies since Mom was feeling icky from her hurty tooth and brainkillers. I sure was glad when Mom felt good enough to let us open them! Look at my pressies!

My Secret Paw was anony-mouse, but he/she is a great Secret Paw!

Is this one mine?

Help me out, Grandma! I need those thumbs of yours!

Oh, lookie! Goodies for me!
Thank you Secret Santa Paws!!!
I don't know who you are, but you're super!

Hey, aren't those Temptations things edible?
And isn't that an octopus thingy like Buddah has? Or is it Max? Or am I so excited I'm confused?

I'm not so confused that I can't try out those Temptations thingies.
They look yummy!

Oh yes, very yummy! Give me another one, Grandma!
I could eat them allllllllllllllllll. YUM YUM!

Ok, if you won't let me eat all the Temptations yummies,
I'll stop and check out this octopus toy. It looks neat but it has
this cardboard stuff stuck to it.

Thanks for gettin the cardboard off, Grandma.
But let me keep playin with it. I'm pretty sure it's NOT a HAT!!!!

Thank you soooooooooooooooo much my Secret Paw!!! I'm gonna sneak the rest of my Temptations later when Grandma isn't looking. Love, Mini

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas and Happy RamaHanuKwanzFest!

I got that "RamaHanuKwanzFest" word from The Crew's blog. It's such a cool word and a real neat way to say have a great hollyday whatever one you celebrate :) I know, and they do too, that not everycat celebrates Christmas. But I want everycat (and everybean and everydog and everybeardeddragon and everyone else) to have a really good hollyday, whatever kind they celebrate. I hope that all have a super hollyday and gets lots of love and purry things and snuggles.

Merry Christmas and Happy RamaHanuKwanzFest!

Boni Maroni
and Mini too!

No Axeing

Well Mom couldn't get her tooth axed out or however they do it. (Thanks Edselsmom for letting me know that's not how they really do it!) The infection in her toothy made her get all hot and have a fever. So they said it wasn't safe to get her tooth axed out or the infection thing might really eat her brain! If that'd be worse than the brainkillers it's definitely good she didn't do it!

So us cats are going to have to watch out for brainkillers feet until Tuesday when Mom can get that demon-tooth (that's what she calls it!) exercised from her mouth. We'll be really careful. Even Mini has learned to watch out for those brainkillers feet.

The good news, tho, is that Mom said she could taste her dinner and it was good and didn't taste like kitty litter! Grandma said that means the infection is gettin better. No wonder Mom hasn't been eating much lately if all her food tasted like kitty litter. Yuk! Even if it's fresh litter that doesn't sound very good. Grandma made meatloaf tonight tho, and me and Mini got to taste a little as a treat. We agree with Mom that it tasted good. Yum! Much better than kitty litter flavored food!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Weird Hollydays Time

Mom's got hurty teeth. That's not so good. The teeth doctor put her on brainkillers and I think they really killed her brain. She's been bumpin into things and even almost stepped on Sanjee today! They make her teeth not so hurty, though, so we're just being be real careful not to get near her feet while she's on the brainkillers. We're taking turns sitting on her and purring to make her feel better too. It's Mini's turn now. Mom's going to get the real bad hurty tooth hacked out of her head with an axe on Friday she said. I hope she wasn't serious about the axe part. That sounds scary! She's talking silly though, and I think it's the brainkillers because I heard Grandma say something about a "surgical tooth extraction" and I don't think they do that with an axe. I'll be real happy whem Mom's feeling all better.

Mom did get some good news today, though. Her friend who was in the hospital got to go home today. Mom was real happy about that! He's the friend with the doggies who stayed here a few days. So I bet the doggies are happy too.

Then Mom got some bad news that another friend has got heart problems. *sigh* His doctor says he'll be ok if he doesn't overdo it. I'll have to give him lessons in napping and playing instead of working all the time.

Lots of hurty beans! We've got to help these beans get better so they're not always hurty. Everycat grab a bean and sit on her or him and purr to make them feel better!

Then we got more good news! Tjadde and Steph had another baby girl! Tjadde is a friend from Sweden who met his wife Steph online and they fell in love and got married and been real happy. (See, cyberlove works sometimes real good!) Their new little girl makes 2 girls and 2 boys, so now they're even. Mom says Tjadde and Steph are likely to end up with a whole big litter of kids before they're done. Congrats Tjadde and Steph!

It's kind of weird for hollydays time but I think it's gonna all work out. Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care and Mom made some neato little Christmas decorations. And Grandma's off til next year, which is fun because we get to see her lots. And Grandma's friend with the attacked heart is getting all better. And Mom's brainkillers make her laugh a lot so there's even some good there. It's not all bad, just weird. And weird is kind of normal for us.

In case you go visit Grandcats or get too busy eating hollydays food and napping to come by again real soon, have really happy hollydays and Merry Christmas and happy solstice and good kwanzaa and happy hannukah and merry whatever other hollydays you celebrate!

Mini meows to say happy hollydays to all our blogging friends too!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The dogs are gone! Yay!

Mom and Grandma drove them back to their own house. A nice man nearby them is going to look after them. So they get to be at their home and we get to be at our home.


I'm glad no more doggies in the house!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Edsel asked why there are D O G S in the house. So I told Sanjee there was catnip in the other room and I got the puter so I can tell.

The dogs belong to my Mommy's sick friend. He's gonna be in the hospital a long time. So Mommy was gonna help out.

But, see, the back fence is broke! So Mommy can't leave them outside!!! Even with the new doghouse she got them. :(

So there's dogs in the house. And I'm SCARED! I don't like to have dogs in the house because when I lived outside dogs were mean to me. They might break down the door to the sunroom and try to eat me! So I'm gonna stay in my hidey hole and only come out when Mom can let me sit in her lap. Mom will protect me.

Mom promised she's taking the doggies to another friend this weekend. So I hope this weekend comes really fast.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

There are D O G S in the house!!!!! They're locked in the sunroom, but still.

Everybody run and hide!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Wow, it's been nuts here. Mom's friend got in the hospital (the bean hospital, not the fluffies hospital) and she had to go out of town. I didn't like that she had to leave, but she's nice and helps beans and fluffies too, and I like having a nice Mom.

Grandma's been dragging boxes all over putting Christmas stuff out. It's very purrrty. I've just been awful busy inspecting all those boxes!

Mom also got a new shipment of catnip, so we had to test that out for her. I like it!!! So do Sanjee and Mini. We approve wholeheartedly! It's organic catnip like usual, but this smells a little different. Gourmet nips each have their own distinctive smell, you know. The shipping box smelled so good from having the nip in it that I had to get in it even tho it didn't fit so good. Grandma said she wished she could find the camera. She said I looked funny in the too small box. I meowed to Grandma that she just didn't understand about nip and boxes -- two wonderful things in one! I'm not sure she understood though. I think she needs to work on her meowing.

I've gotta remind Mom that next time she has to go away for a day or two she has to leave the computer on or give us the password so we can still blog. I'll have to make myself a note.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lucky Pepe and Gree

It was snowing outside here today. It doesn't do that much. Poor Pepe and Gree, the outside cats, were in their cat house, but their poor paws were so cold when they tried to go potty or go to the food bowls. And the food bowls were filling up with snow!

This is Pepe and Gree from in the fall, just so you can see what they look like if you don't know. They're best friends.

Mom and Grandma are so nice. Mom felt sorry for Pepe and Gree being stuck outside in the snow. So she fixed up the sunroom for them! She put out a big food bowl and a big water bowl and even a litter box. Then she went and got Pepe and Gree and put them in the sun room! Pepe and Gree didn't know how to act being inside. They're not used to it. But they weren't shivering and shaking their paws any more :) Grandma is nice too. She made a bed for Pepe and Gree. So they got all comfy and snoozed on the bed Grandma made them. I don't think the outside cats want to stay inside too long, but they got a warm place out of the snow for the afternoon and the night. :)

Oh, and I wanted to show you the picture of Mommy the pirate with Mini! Sanjee wouldn't put it on her blog cuz she and Mini are always arguing. But I thought it's a cute picture.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Enquiring Cats Want to Know

If Sylvester never catches the Tweety bird, how come he has such a fat tummy?