Thursday, December 22, 2005

Weird Hollydays Time

Mom's got hurty teeth. That's not so good. The teeth doctor put her on brainkillers and I think they really killed her brain. She's been bumpin into things and even almost stepped on Sanjee today! They make her teeth not so hurty, though, so we're just being be real careful not to get near her feet while she's on the brainkillers. We're taking turns sitting on her and purring to make her feel better too. It's Mini's turn now. Mom's going to get the real bad hurty tooth hacked out of her head with an axe on Friday she said. I hope she wasn't serious about the axe part. That sounds scary! She's talking silly though, and I think it's the brainkillers because I heard Grandma say something about a "surgical tooth extraction" and I don't think they do that with an axe. I'll be real happy whem Mom's feeling all better.

Mom did get some good news today, though. Her friend who was in the hospital got to go home today. Mom was real happy about that! He's the friend with the doggies who stayed here a few days. So I bet the doggies are happy too.

Then Mom got some bad news that another friend has got heart problems. *sigh* His doctor says he'll be ok if he doesn't overdo it. I'll have to give him lessons in napping and playing instead of working all the time.

Lots of hurty beans! We've got to help these beans get better so they're not always hurty. Everycat grab a bean and sit on her or him and purr to make them feel better!

Then we got more good news! Tjadde and Steph had another baby girl! Tjadde is a friend from Sweden who met his wife Steph online and they fell in love and got married and been real happy. (See, cyberlove works sometimes real good!) Their new little girl makes 2 girls and 2 boys, so now they're even. Mom says Tjadde and Steph are likely to end up with a whole big litter of kids before they're done. Congrats Tjadde and Steph!

It's kind of weird for hollydays time but I think it's gonna all work out. Our stockings are hung by the chimney with care and Mom made some neato little Christmas decorations. And Grandma's off til next year, which is fun because we get to see her lots. And Grandma's friend with the attacked heart is getting all better. And Mom's brainkillers make her laugh a lot so there's even some good there. It's not all bad, just weird. And weird is kind of normal for us.

In case you go visit Grandcats or get too busy eating hollydays food and napping to come by again real soon, have really happy hollydays and Merry Christmas and happy solstice and good kwanzaa and happy hannukah and merry whatever other hollydays you celebrate!

Mini meows to say happy hollydays to all our blogging friends too!