Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sanjee woke me up from a nap to tell me that Opus and Roscoe tagged me for this animal meme. I don't mind being tagged. But was it necessary for Sanjee to wake me up to do this meme just now??? I think she was just looking for an excuse. I think I'll hide her catnip mouse when she's not looking sometime. hehehe

Favorite place to sleep?
On a human, preferably Grandma because she sits still the longest.

Favorite music?
Mom singing the Boni Maroni song.

Favorite toy?
My Stars Mouse toy from Fat Cat, Inc.

Favorite flavor of Stinky Goodness?
I just eat crunchies and whatever bean food I can talk Grandma and Mom out of. I don't think they've ever eaten stinky goodness to share, though.

Favorite human?
That's tough. Can I have two favorite humans? Grandma and Mom!

Favorite game?
Help Mom avoid doing paperwork by dancing around on the papers.

Favorite window?
The big picture window in the living room. Grandma put my and Mini's cat beds next to it so we can lounge and keep an eye on the world at the same time.

Favorite naughty thing to do?
Me? Naughty?!? Well, I do like to scratch the nice fabric on the sofa when Mom's not looking.

By the way, what does "meme" mean? Is that like a "me! me! me!" thing? Or is it a foreign (to us Virginia cats) term? Or from outer space? Anybody know?

Whatever it is, I did it. And now I tag Gigolokitty and Sanjee and Beau. Yall are IT! (Don't call the grammar police on me for that one.)