Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Be a Tuxedo Cat, and Other Stuff

Opus and Roscoe were kinda bummed cuz they couldn't join the Tuxedo Gang. Well I thought that was awfully sad. So I went and found them tuxedos! Free ones! Online! You can get your free tuxedo here. Just print it out and paste it on your picture and voila you're a tuxedo cat. Or you can get your own tuxedo (see the Tuxedo cat in the photo?!?!) or steal a tuxedo from a doggie and wear it.

I'm kind of nervous, though. Mom has discovered SpoiledRottenKitties.com. Not that I disapprove of being a spoiled rotten kitty. I like that! But look at these hats! She wants to get me one! I think I'm going to go hide with PinkDogg and Spot if Edsel will help out. I think I can be a gun moll from in hiding. I hope so if Mom tries to get me one of those hats!