Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mom said that it would be a BIG help if we felines contributed to the crunchies and catnip fund. I love to help! So I meowed to Sanjee and we decided to sell nip from our site. Pouches of nip like this one in the picture that we sent Oreo. He liked the nip so much that he's agreed to be our spokescat and let us show pictures of him with the nip!

If you visit our page before Thanksgiving Day and just let us know by email what you think of it, we'll send you a free sample as a present! Oh, that's if you live in the USA, cuz the mean old law says we can't ship it outside the US. But we'd love to hear what you think of our page whereever you live and we'll try to think up a special thing for our friends outside the US real fast! Oh, and Mom says you have to be polite when you email or no free sample. She said she knows all our friends that blog would be polite anyways, but that there's weird people who run around cyberspace who might not be so polite and expect us to give them a present even if they're mean. Seems like e-catnipsales are complicated! It'll be fun giving friends presents though. :)