Thursday, October 27, 2005

Mom's been hogging the puter. She said she needs to catch up on work and she said it wasn't something I could help with. So I hadn't been able to blog. But now I can! I found a neat site. It's called Sacred Paws. It's about healing for furries! Different kinds of healing like Reiki and stuff. My Mom does Reiki and so do I. Mom's a Master Reiki bean. I just do it. It's good to help furries and beans heal :) Sacred Paws has info on Reiki if you don't know what it's about yet. Mom did the tuning on me, but she said she thinks I was a natural. I don't know, but when I see a hurt animal or bean I just want to go touch them and make them feel better. I also say purrayers lots for hurty furries and beans. Oh, and scalies too, can't forget them!