Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Famous Cuz of An Apron I Don't Have Yet

Edsel commented on my last post:
lookit, lookit! i just did a search on MSN for "white organza apron" (thoughtful guy that i am) and the FIRST thing that came up is "Boni Is Not as Skinny As A Stick of Macaroni" hahahahaha! you're famous 'cause of your apron!!

That is way way weird. I don't even have that apron yet and I'm already famous for it!!! Is this gonna use up the 15 minutes of fame my Mom says everyone gets? I had to check tho, and it comes up 6th on Yahoo even. Oh gosh. I didn't even know I was on search engines. I can see the headlines now "Tuxedo Gun Moll Cat Famous for Apron" Oh gee. hehehe I'm giggling so hard I'm gonna fall off Mom's lap so I'd better stop typin.