Sunday, March 05, 2006


Edsel asked if I'd wear a white organza apron to his party this summer to serve drinks, since servin drinks is what gun molls do. Well I didn't know what an apron was or an organza. So I had to go google them. Wow, there's lotsa kinds of aprons and you know what? Most of them are naughty!!! I looked and looked and maybe this is the kinda apron he was talkin about. It comes from this place by the way!I think that outfit looks kinda hot for a summer party tho. But the apron by itself wouldn't be so bad. I'm just not sure about wearing anything but my tuxedo.

This is organza. It's see through! Now why would anybody wear an apron you can see through?!?! Why bother wearin something you can see through anyways? I just don't understand.