Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Extra Treats!

Mom finally got her last hurty tooth all fixed up. She was so happy she gave us EXTRA TREATS! Woo hoo! Whiskas Temptations are my favorite treats, too! And Savoury Salmon is my favorite flavor. (See in the picture which is Mini's favorite flavor -- whatever flavor is in front of her!)

Mom wasn't too happy, though, about having to mail Edsel a White Russian, even minus the Russian. She was all ready to go cat-staff-nap that skater guy Plushy-enko and put him in the drink, I think!!! Silly staff. She did get the "white" tho and now she just has to figure out how to mail it. Otherwise I'll have to drag it up there myself. What's a Tuxedo Gun Moll to do?