Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Lucky Pepe and Gree

It was snowing outside here today. It doesn't do that much. Poor Pepe and Gree, the outside cats, were in their cat house, but their poor paws were so cold when they tried to go potty or go to the food bowls. And the food bowls were filling up with snow!

This is Pepe and Gree from in the fall, just so you can see what they look like if you don't know. They're best friends.

Mom and Grandma are so nice. Mom felt sorry for Pepe and Gree being stuck outside in the snow. So she fixed up the sunroom for them! She put out a big food bowl and a big water bowl and even a litter box. Then she went and got Pepe and Gree and put them in the sun room! Pepe and Gree didn't know how to act being inside. They're not used to it. But they weren't shivering and shaking their paws any more :) Grandma is nice too. She made a bed for Pepe and Gree. So they got all comfy and snoozed on the bed Grandma made them. I don't think the outside cats want to stay inside too long, but they got a warm place out of the snow for the afternoon and the night. :)

Oh, and I wanted to show you the picture of Mommy the pirate with Mini! Sanjee wouldn't put it on her blog cuz she and Mini are always arguing. But I thought it's a cute picture.