Sunday, December 11, 2005

Wow, it's been nuts here. Mom's friend got in the hospital (the bean hospital, not the fluffies hospital) and she had to go out of town. I didn't like that she had to leave, but she's nice and helps beans and fluffies too, and I like having a nice Mom.

Grandma's been dragging boxes all over putting Christmas stuff out. It's very purrrty. I've just been awful busy inspecting all those boxes!

Mom also got a new shipment of catnip, so we had to test that out for her. I like it!!! So do Sanjee and Mini. We approve wholeheartedly! It's organic catnip like usual, but this smells a little different. Gourmet nips each have their own distinctive smell, you know. The shipping box smelled so good from having the nip in it that I had to get in it even tho it didn't fit so good. Grandma said she wished she could find the camera. She said I looked funny in the too small box. I meowed to Grandma that she just didn't understand about nip and boxes -- two wonderful things in one! I'm not sure she understood though. I think she needs to work on her meowing.

I've gotta remind Mom that next time she has to go away for a day or two she has to leave the computer on or give us the password so we can still blog. I'll have to make myself a note.