Thursday, December 15, 2005

Edsel asked why there are D O G S in the house. So I told Sanjee there was catnip in the other room and I got the puter so I can tell.

The dogs belong to my Mommy's sick friend. He's gonna be in the hospital a long time. So Mommy was gonna help out.

But, see, the back fence is broke! So Mommy can't leave them outside!!! Even with the new doghouse she got them. :(

So there's dogs in the house. And I'm SCARED! I don't like to have dogs in the house because when I lived outside dogs were mean to me. They might break down the door to the sunroom and try to eat me! So I'm gonna stay in my hidey hole and only come out when Mom can let me sit in her lap. Mom will protect me.

Mom promised she's taking the doggies to another friend this weekend. So I hope this weekend comes really fast.