Saturday, December 24, 2005

No Axeing

Well Mom couldn't get her tooth axed out or however they do it. (Thanks Edselsmom for letting me know that's not how they really do it!) The infection in her toothy made her get all hot and have a fever. So they said it wasn't safe to get her tooth axed out or the infection thing might really eat her brain! If that'd be worse than the brainkillers it's definitely good she didn't do it!

So us cats are going to have to watch out for brainkillers feet until Tuesday when Mom can get that demon-tooth (that's what she calls it!) exercised from her mouth. We'll be really careful. Even Mini has learned to watch out for those brainkillers feet.

The good news, tho, is that Mom said she could taste her dinner and it was good and didn't taste like kitty litter! Grandma said that means the infection is gettin better. No wonder Mom hasn't been eating much lately if all her food tasted like kitty litter. Yuk! Even if it's fresh litter that doesn't sound very good. Grandma made meatloaf tonight tho, and me and Mini got to taste a little as a treat. We agree with Mom that it tasted good. Yum! Much better than kitty litter flavored food!