Thursday, June 15, 2006

Almost time

My Mom says that time flies when you're havin fun. We musta all be havin lotsa fun with the Catolympics torch relay cuz time flied like a real fast birdie. Now the torch is at the Catolympics Center at the Big Piney Woods! Mistrie got it from Max and taked it to by the official cauldron thingy. I'm gonna be spectator cat, but my sisfur Sanjee is in two events. I'll cheer for her of course. Then again, I'll cheer for all my furriends too. I can't wait til the opening ceremony. It's gonna be neat!

Other 'citing stuff is happening too.

Edselsmom is home! YAY! She's home ok and Edsel is furry happy to see her. I camed home from telerporting over there so he could have some special Mom time. He's been a brave cat waiting for her to get home from her operashun.

Speakin of brave cats, did you see the news about the brave kitty that wouldn't let the bear in his yard? Finnegan and Buddy posted bout it. Boy, that's one BRAVE kitty!