Monday, May 22, 2006

Poopy Sister

Mini hasn't been feelin so good. She's got tummy n innards trouble. Not that it's somefin new, but it's worser than usual the last month or so. The v-e-t says it might be IBS, whatever that is. Irritable somefin. Well she's really irritable when she feels icky.

Today she even pooped on Mom!!! Oh boy, Mom wasn't too happy about that. She was awful nice to Mini anyways, tho, cuz she's an understandin Mom. She told Mini not to poop on her, but she didn't even yell! Then -- and this part made Mini mad -- Mom cleaned off Mini's butt! Nope, Mini didn't like that at all. I think Mini got off easy tho, with just a butt cleanin and not yellin or smackin. Lotsa beans woulda yelled and smacked. I guess, I have a poopy sister like Edsel does. *sigh* I just hope she doesn't poop on me. I'd yell and pop her on whatever part I could reach!

Mini's got an appointment with the v-e-t tomorrow. Mom says they're gonna draw Mini's blood. How do they look inside to see what her blood looks like to draw it? Do they draw it with a pen or a pencil? I'm not sure I wanna know.

PS. Edsel's Mom is not feelin good and hadta go to the horsepittle. She's home now but she's gotta get tested by the bean v-e-t and stuff. Please say purrayers and other nice stuff for her. And telerport over to Edsel's if he needs company while his Mom's bein tested and stuff. I bet with all of us we can keep Edsel good company!