Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Puter Hog Alert!

Mom's been a puter hog. She thinks it's her puter! Silly bean. :)

Edsel, my Tuxedo Gangster (i'm his Tuxedo Gun Moll), tagged me, so I'd better catch up. My favorite bloggin cat words are:

beans: human beings, and I think Timmy (my Tuxie twin) started that.
hide-i-ness: even tho I don't see it used much. It's a state of hiding! I don't remember where that came from tho.
kitty crack: catnip! Max started that.
TLO: Two Legged One (human bean). I feel real bad I can't remember who started that. I know it was a bloggin cat. But my brain is actin like a bean brain! Oh no!

I'm not sure who to tag. I guess whoever wants to play. I gotta go read and catch up while Mom's not hogging the puter!