Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ack, It Was For Me

I was afraid the carrier was for me, and it was! Yuk! Mom sneaked up on me and stuffed me in it. That wasn't so bad. But I was so scared the new lady would be there and would try to pour me out when we got there. So I sat all still and quiet and hoped Mom would forget about the V-E-T and maybe just go somewhere else instead. No luck there!

But I did have some luck. Susan, the nice smart lady helper at the V-E-T didn't try to pour me out of the carrier. And I got to see Dr. Z who's my favorite doktor because he's always nice. Well, cept for stabbing me and stuff. But they all do that. He looked at my teeth and in my ears and stuff, but he only stabbed me once! He said that my ray-bees would be ok for 3 years now. Well, I'm glad my ray-bees are ok, but I'd rather not get stabbed. He said my biggest problem is that I need a new name cuz I'm not "boney" any more. Well a course not! We eat good round here! I want to keep my name tho. I like it. And it goes with the Boni Maroni song too.

So I'm all ok and just got stabbed once and that's not too bad. Mom gave me treats when we got home and said I was a very good girl. She still hasn't put the carrier away tho. I hope I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow.