Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fun Party :)

Mini and I had fun at Finny's Purrthday and St. Patrick's Day party! Mini danced up a storm with Miles. I didn't even know she could dance! Mini and Miles started a nappile after they danced and had some nip. I didn't get to see Edsel (boo) because he was busy helpin his mom. I got to dance with my Tuxedo Twin Timmy tho, and that was fun. Later he turned into a lamp with a lampshade on his head and that was funny. I hope he didn't have too bad a hangover. There was lots of niptinis and meowgaritas and green beer. I think somecat fell into the green beer, but I'm not sure who. I served the russianless White Russians and that was fun. Somehow they got a reputation for being strong, but I know I didn't put anything in them but catmilk! That didn't seem too strong to me. Maybe anything seems strong after enough niptinis. I had to leave 'fore the party was over cuz I had to guard the house while Mom and Grandma rescued Mom's uncle from a party he got dragged to by the guy who was sposed to give him a ride home from work. They took so long gettin home that I didn't get back to the party. You don't think it could have been the niptinis fault do you? Anyways, it was lots of fun. Thanks Finny and Buddy for hosting a great party!