Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tail Pullin isn't Always Bad

The Calico Girls had a fun party to celebrate their new look on their blog. And they got a funny picture of Edsel flirtin with me pullin my tail while we were dancin! Crazy Mom said it was like dippin pigtails in inkwells. I say she's crazy cuz my tail doesn't look anything like a pig's tail! I'm not sure what an inkwell is, but it must be somethin to do with pigs. We had lotsa fun tho. :)

Maybe Mom's crazy cuz she stripped her throat. Apparently a stripped throat looks like hamburger. The bean vet used very technical words Mom said. "Your throat is very icky," is what the bean vet said. Well I coulda looked in there and told Mom that. She coulda paid me in catnip, even. I'm with Sanjee tho: I'm not prying Mom's mouth open and stuffin pills in neither. I'll sit on her and purr to make her better tho.