Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Me n Mini Got Toys Too

I was so distracted by the icky old carrier and the V-E-T I forgot to tsay thanks to Beau for my pressies! I'm sorry Beau! Mini says thanks you too. Here's the piktures Mom took. She really loves that flashy things sometimes! I'm not gonna put all the piktures here cuz I'm afraid I'd break blogger!

I picked out my toy first and took it away so Mini wouldn't grab it! It smelled soooooooooo yummy. It's all full of catnip!!!

I just had to rub all over it. I just couldn't help myself!

Mini picked out the cool ball. She tooked it up on Mom's desk and played with it. She even taught Mom how to fetch!

See there's Sanjee's mousie too! She took it downstairs. Then we just hopped up and down cuz we saw there was Stinky Goodness too! Mom said oh no we'd get corrupted. Do you think she knew we'd burp or something?

Thanks again Beau!