Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bird Tag

Edsel, my Tuxedo Gangster, tagged me in the bird tag game to name my 10 favorite birds. I don't got pictures of them all but they aren't so weird birds.

1) Chicken YUM!
2) Turkey YUM!
3) Robins, cuz they're named after my Mom
4) Cardinals, cuz they're Edsel's top bird on his list
5) Sparrows, cuz Pepi is good at catchin them)
6) Blue Jays, but only if I'm in the house cuz they're mean
7) Woodpeckers
8, 9, 10) Edsel's other birds hehehe I don't know the names of most of the birds I see. Mom won't tell me. No fair!

I think we should all go petition Edsel's dad to give him the heating pad. *nods* I gotta find his Dad's email. I'll letcha know when I find it.