Saturday, June 03, 2006

Unpoopy Sister :)

Mini's feelin better :) She's not likin havin to take her pills. But she's not poopy any more and her tummy isn't queasy. So that's a good good thing. She's been tryin to hog Mom's lap tho. Oh well, at least she's feelin better. :)

Edsel's Mom is havin surgery on June 12. A bunch of us kitties are gonna do a healing chain started by Patches and Mittens for her. We like lookin after all our Moms and Dads and other beans. :) Patches and Mittens are so nice to start the healin chain! We dunno what time exactly yet, but purrayers for Edsel's Mom and Edsel and his whole family are very good right now. It's hard when Mom is sick!!! Me and Sanjee and Mini and Mom and Grandma are all sayin purrayers and crossin our paws that she gets help and gets all better fast, and that Edsel and his Dad and sister and efurrybody doesn't worry too too much.