Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back Home :)

Me and Sanjee made it back home safe! We had lots of fun carryin the torch. Gree helped us find water on the way, and Pepi helped make sure it was safe to cross streets. Finny and Buddy's cousins even put up a sign for us! And their Mom's friend gave us a police escort. Finny and Buddy have piktures of all the neat stuff. The torch was enough to carry tho, so we didn't have a camera. Good thing they did! On the way back from Charlotte, we stopped in to visit our Uncle Roman. He lives near Chapel Hill. He gave us lots of scritches and yummy treats and water. And we even got to take naps on him! We woulda blogged when we got home, but we were sooooooo tired we had to have long naps. My paws are still kinda tender. Mom looked at them tho and said they're ok, just not used to such long walks. It's good to be back home. :)