Friday, April 28, 2006

I'm up to something too!

I'm going to make a cationary for us at Cat Blogosphere. Then if there's a new cat who doesn't know bloggin cat words yet, they can find out. :) Plus it may help the beans out a lot. We know they don't speak meow too well, so I bet they don't know many bloggin cat words either. I'm going to try to collect all the favorite words from blogs, but I might miss some. So if you can, just email me any you think of! You can email me at (it's a pic, so creepos don't steal my email with a machine, so you gotta type it in, sorry).

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Up to Something

I knew Sanjee was up to something. I just knew it!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Puter Hog Alert!

Mom's been a puter hog. She thinks it's her puter! Silly bean. :)

Edsel, my Tuxedo Gangster (i'm his Tuxedo Gun Moll), tagged me, so I'd better catch up. My favorite bloggin cat words are:

beans: human beings, and I think Timmy (my Tuxie twin) started that.
hide-i-ness: even tho I don't see it used much. It's a state of hiding! I don't remember where that came from tho.
kitty crack: catnip! Max started that.
TLO: Two Legged One (human bean). I feel real bad I can't remember who started that. I know it was a bloggin cat. But my brain is actin like a bean brain! Oh no!

I'm not sure who to tag. I guess whoever wants to play. I gotta go read and catch up while Mom's not hogging the puter!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter Effurybody!

Friday, April 14, 2006

A Letter

Mom wrote us a letter on her blog. I'm not sure this is good. I think Sanjee's in BIG TROUBLE. And I think I'd better not practice medicine without a license or no more nip for me. That'd be bad.

Well, at least Mom's feelin better enough to write us a letter. :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Mom Update

Thanks effurycat. Mom's gonna be ok, she says. She still looks kinda greenish from the stripped throat, but she must be feelin better cuz she got up and got dressed this morning! That's a good sign. It's never a good sign when she wears her robe all day like she's been doin the last few days. I still don't understand why she doesn't just grow nice fur and wear that. But she's a bean, they can't help but be a bit weird. I'm glad she's feelin better tho!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Tail Pullin isn't Always Bad

The Calico Girls had a fun party to celebrate their new look on their blog. And they got a funny picture of Edsel flirtin with me pullin my tail while we were dancin! Crazy Mom said it was like dippin pigtails in inkwells. I say she's crazy cuz my tail doesn't look anything like a pig's tail! I'm not sure what an inkwell is, but it must be somethin to do with pigs. We had lotsa fun tho. :)

Maybe Mom's crazy cuz she stripped her throat. Apparently a stripped throat looks like hamburger. The bean vet used very technical words Mom said. "Your throat is very icky," is what the bean vet said. Well I coulda looked in there and told Mom that. She coulda paid me in catnip, even. I'm with Sanjee tho: I'm not prying Mom's mouth open and stuffin pills in neither. I'll sit on her and purr to make her better tho.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Secret Paws!

The flashy thing finally recovered and lookie what I got! Knightly was my Secret Paw and he's a super duper Secret Paw!

Wow! The box is stuffed full!

A neato toy and treats too!!!

Those feathers look tasty!

You mean these are ALL for me!!! WOW!!!

And they're my favorite flavor!!! YUMMY!

Mini offered to help me eat my treats. Um, no thanks, Mini.

Thank you, Knightly!!!

PS. Mini's Secret Paws are on Mom's blog.
Oh, we had a storm so Mom didn't get Mini's piktures up til late late. She said sorry and somethin about talkin to the weather man about it.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's the Day!

I gotted my Secret Paws pressie in the mail now too, so me and Mini and Sanjee all have ours. Mom says we can open them today! First the silly flashy thing has to recharge tho. Mom said that it would be nice so our Secret Paws can see us havin fun with our goodies. I think Mom's right about that. It's fun seein what all the poodins and bunnies and effurybody gets. I can't wait til the flashy thing recharges! I'll let ya know what's in my package once it does.