Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Me n Mini Got Toys Too

I was so distracted by the icky old carrier and the V-E-T I forgot to tsay thanks to Beau for my pressies! I'm sorry Beau! Mini says thanks you too. Here's the piktures Mom took. She really loves that flashy things sometimes! I'm not gonna put all the piktures here cuz I'm afraid I'd break blogger!

I picked out my toy first and took it away so Mini wouldn't grab it! It smelled soooooooooo yummy. It's all full of catnip!!!

I just had to rub all over it. I just couldn't help myself!

Mini picked out the cool ball. She tooked it up on Mom's desk and played with it. She even taught Mom how to fetch!

See there's Sanjee's mousie too! She took it downstairs. Then we just hopped up and down cuz we saw there was Stinky Goodness too! Mom said oh no we'd get corrupted. Do you think she knew we'd burp or something?

Thanks again Beau!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Ack, It Was For Me

I was afraid the carrier was for me, and it was! Yuk! Mom sneaked up on me and stuffed me in it. That wasn't so bad. But I was so scared the new lady would be there and would try to pour me out when we got there. So I sat all still and quiet and hoped Mom would forget about the V-E-T and maybe just go somewhere else instead. No luck there!

But I did have some luck. Susan, the nice smart lady helper at the V-E-T didn't try to pour me out of the carrier. And I got to see Dr. Z who's my favorite doktor because he's always nice. Well, cept for stabbing me and stuff. But they all do that. He looked at my teeth and in my ears and stuff, but he only stabbed me once! He said that my ray-bees would be ok for 3 years now. Well, I'm glad my ray-bees are ok, but I'd rather not get stabbed. He said my biggest problem is that I need a new name cuz I'm not "boney" any more. Well a course not! We eat good round here! I want to keep my name tho. I like it. And it goes with the Boni Maroni song too.

So I'm all ok and just got stabbed once and that's not too bad. Mom gave me treats when we got home and said I was a very good girl. She still hasn't put the carrier away tho. I hope I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Scarier Carrier

The cat carrier just showed up in the living room. This can not be a good sign.

I hope that doesn't mean I have to go to the V-E-T. Last time I was there they had a new lady helpin. The new lady grabbed and picked up my carrier and tried to POUR me out the front like I was a niptini!!! Can you imagine! One leg got stuck and it hurted lots so I screamed really loud. And Mom came to my rescue. She putted my carrier back down and told the new lady not to hurt me any more. :) Yay Mom! Then the smarter Doktor came in and showed the new lady how to take the top off the carrier so I didn't need pouring out. Yay Smarter Doktor!

I'm afraid the new lady didn't learn tho, so I'm not wanting to go back there. I hope it's Mini's turn. Or Sanjee's. Or even Mom's! But not me. I don't want to go.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fun Party :)

Mini and I had fun at Finny's Purrthday and St. Patrick's Day party! Mini danced up a storm with Miles. I didn't even know she could dance! Mini and Miles started a nappile after they danced and had some nip. I didn't get to see Edsel (boo) because he was busy helpin his mom. I got to dance with my Tuxedo Twin Timmy tho, and that was fun. Later he turned into a lamp with a lampshade on his head and that was funny. I hope he didn't have too bad a hangover. There was lots of niptinis and meowgaritas and green beer. I think somecat fell into the green beer, but I'm not sure who. I served the russianless White Russians and that was fun. Somehow they got a reputation for being strong, but I know I didn't put anything in them but catmilk! That didn't seem too strong to me. Maybe anything seems strong after enough niptinis. I had to leave 'fore the party was over cuz I had to guard the house while Mom and Grandma rescued Mom's uncle from a party he got dragged to by the guy who was sposed to give him a ride home from work. They took so long gettin home that I didn't get back to the party. You don't think it could have been the niptinis fault do you? Anyways, it was lots of fun. Thanks Finny and Buddy for hosting a great party!

Friday, March 17, 2006

We're Ready!

Finally! Sanjee was goin to get more nip for the party and I think she fell into the catnip drawer. Oopsy! hehehe Mini's got her gigantic green pouch of nip ready. (Looks like she wasn't going to share with Sanjee, silly sisters.)

And I got the Catmilk Style White Russians minus the Russian on a green tray. Plus more in my cooler you can't see in this pikture. I couldn't find a green apron tho. I hope Edsel's not upset.

Here we go!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day effurybody! Me and Sanjee are goin to Finny and Buddy's party to celebrate St. Patrick's AND Finny's purrthday. (Happy Purrthday Finny!). I'm gonna try to find a green organza apron, or somethin green for an apron, cuz I'm gonna bring White Russians minus the Russian to serve. I'm makin them outta special cat milk so they're not hard on anycat's tummy.

Mom says that for St. Patricks most drinks are colored green. I don't think I'd want a Green Russian tho. Ick! Altho, I hafta say that I don't think Mom knows any green Russians she'd want to stick in the drinks.

See you guys at the party!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Catnip Special at Catnipetc!

Lookie effurybody! Catnipetc is havin a Lucky Irish Sale! Get free nip when you buys stuff. Sanjee's already figured out how to turn on Grandma's puter and is shopping. I don't think Mom's noticed yet that her wallet isn't in her purse now. I think I'm gonna go down and make sure Sanjee orders me the stuff I want too. Maybe we'll even order Mini something. I hope Mom's credit card is good.

PS Thanks effurybody for your nice notes bout Sit on Mom day. I wrote yall back notes in the comments too. :)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sit on Mom Day

Today is Sit on Mom Day at our house. Mom got an email this morning that made her very sad and she boohoo'd a lot. It was about some people bein mean. We don't like it when Mom's sad, so we made it Sit on Mom Day. Sanjee's sittin on Mom while I'm postin. Then it's my turn. Then it's Mini's turn, altho, knowing Mini she may sleep on Mom instead of sittin on her. But it makes Mom smile and feel better when we sit on her. So that's where we are today! Purrrs and tail-waves to our friends in the kitty bloggosphere!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Famous Cuz of An Apron I Don't Have Yet

Edsel commented on my last post:
lookit, lookit! i just did a search on MSN for "white organza apron" (thoughtful guy that i am) and the FIRST thing that came up is "Boni Is Not as Skinny As A Stick of Macaroni" hahahahaha! you're famous 'cause of your apron!!

That is way way weird. I don't even have that apron yet and I'm already famous for it!!! Is this gonna use up the 15 minutes of fame my Mom says everyone gets? I had to check tho, and it comes up 6th on Yahoo even. Oh gosh. I didn't even know I was on search engines. I can see the headlines now "Tuxedo Gun Moll Cat Famous for Apron" Oh gee. hehehe I'm giggling so hard I'm gonna fall off Mom's lap so I'd better stop typin.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


Edsel asked if I'd wear a white organza apron to his party this summer to serve drinks, since servin drinks is what gun molls do. Well I didn't know what an apron was or an organza. So I had to go google them. Wow, there's lotsa kinds of aprons and you know what? Most of them are naughty!!! I looked and looked and maybe this is the kinda apron he was talkin about. It comes from this place by the way!I think that outfit looks kinda hot for a summer party tho. But the apron by itself wouldn't be so bad. I'm just not sure about wearing anything but my tuxedo.

This is organza. It's see through! Now why would anybody wear an apron you can see through?!?! Why bother wearin something you can see through anyways? I just don't understand.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

White Russian

Patches was confused about the White Russian stuff, so I thought I'd help out. Since I'm Edsel's Tuxedo Gun Moll, it's my job to serve drinks. And Edsel wanted a White Russian minus the "Russian".This is a White Russian. It's made with vodka and coffee liqueur (those are the "Russian" part) and MILK or half and half.

And this is the Russian that Mom wanted to get to make a White Russian! Silly Mom! (Ok, he's a good skater, but I bet he don't want to be stuffed in a glass.)

I hope that helps with the mystery! :)