Friday, June 16, 2006

New Shared Blog

Mom says her hands hurt from too much typin, so me and Sanjee and efurrycat gotta share a blog now. At least she made it real purrty. Come see us all at

House of the (Mostly) Black Cats blog!

That's where I'll be doin my postin from now on! Cuz Mom said so.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Almost time

My Mom says that time flies when you're havin fun. We musta all be havin lotsa fun with the Catolympics torch relay cuz time flied like a real fast birdie. Now the torch is at the Catolympics Center at the Big Piney Woods! Mistrie got it from Max and taked it to by the official cauldron thingy. I'm gonna be spectator cat, but my sisfur Sanjee is in two events. I'll cheer for her of course. Then again, I'll cheer for all my furriends too. I can't wait til the opening ceremony. It's gonna be neat!

Other 'citing stuff is happening too.

Edselsmom is home! YAY! She's home ok and Edsel is furry happy to see her. I camed home from telerporting over there so he could have some special Mom time. He's been a brave cat waiting for her to get home from her operashun.

Speakin of brave cats, did you see the news about the brave kitty that wouldn't let the bear in his yard? Finnegan and Buddy posted bout it. Boy, that's one BRAVE kitty!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Edselsmom's surgery went good! Yippee! *happy kitty dances* I'm soooooooo glad. :) :) I've been telerporting back and forth to keep Edsel company and keep an eye on my sisfurs and my beans too. Phew! Lotsa work! But it's fun. I like hangin out with Tuxedo Gangster. And he was sooooooooooooooooooo happy when he got the news his Mom's surgery went good. He'll be even happier when she comes home and he can keep an eye on her. Tuxedo Gangsters are all purrtective, you know.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Back Home :)

Me and Sanjee made it back home safe! We had lots of fun carryin the torch. Gree helped us find water on the way, and Pepi helped make sure it was safe to cross streets. Finny and Buddy's cousins even put up a sign for us! And their Mom's friend gave us a police escort. Finny and Buddy have piktures of all the neat stuff. The torch was enough to carry tho, so we didn't have a camera. Good thing they did! On the way back from Charlotte, we stopped in to visit our Uncle Roman. He lives near Chapel Hill. He gave us lots of scritches and yummy treats and water. And we even got to take naps on him! We woulda blogged when we got home, but we were sooooooo tired we had to have long naps. My paws are still kinda tender. Mom looked at them tho and said they're ok, just not used to such long walks. It's good to be back home. :)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

We made it :)

Me and Sanjee and Pepi and Gree made it to Finnegan and Buddy's house ok! I'm glad we had Pepi and Gree to help out. Pepi is an expert for figurin out when it's safe to cross streets. And Gree's a specialist in findin clean water to drink. We're all tuckered out now tho, so we gotta rest. Oh we called Mom to tell her we're ok. I'm not sure she understood all of it. Beans aren't so good with cat language. But she sounded happy to hear from us. :)

Proud Torch Bearer

Me and Sanjee are heading out with the CatOlympics Torch! I'm so proud to be a torch runner! See Sanjee's blog for pictures n stuff. :)

They arrived!

Smeagol and Strider brought the Cat Olympics torch here all the way from Pennsylvania and got here safe! We shared yummy crunchies and stinky goodness (Mom got some special for their visit!) and lotsa water. It's been lotsa fun to see Smeagol and Strider! They are very handsome and nice kitties. Mini was especially happy to meet them cuz they were her Secret Paw!

Then we all rested up cuz Smeagol and Strider had to head home and me and Sanjee have to get up in the morning and take the torch on to Finnegan and Buddy in North Carolina. They live near our Uncle, so we may stop and see him on the way back.

Check Sanjee's blog for our Torch Relay Trip when we leave!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Unpoopy Sister :)

Mini's feelin better :) She's not likin havin to take her pills. But she's not poopy any more and her tummy isn't queasy. So that's a good good thing. She's been tryin to hog Mom's lap tho. Oh well, at least she's feelin better. :)

Edsel's Mom is havin surgery on June 12. A bunch of us kitties are gonna do a healing chain started by Patches and Mittens for her. We like lookin after all our Moms and Dads and other beans. :) Patches and Mittens are so nice to start the healin chain! We dunno what time exactly yet, but purrayers for Edsel's Mom and Edsel and his whole family are very good right now. It's hard when Mom is sick!!! Me and Sanjee and Mini and Mom and Grandma are all sayin purrayers and crossin our paws that she gets help and gets all better fast, and that Edsel and his Dad and sister and efurrybody doesn't worry too too much.