Saturday, December 31, 2005

Grandma had a friend over today. Her friend Nita had extra legs! Metal legs! Not the kind Timmy's Grammie has. A different kind. Grandma told her friend she should visit Timmy's site and see him using his Grammie's metal legs. I thought maybe I could use Nita's extra legs (she calls them crutches) but I'm not tall enough to use both of them at the same time. So I figured I'd better just let her use them.

Mom's hurty tooth place is getting better, by the way. Mom did get a repiration infection tho, or a cold or something. The bean vet gave her pills tho and they seem to be working. Yay! She was all excited today cause she got to eat solid food. I eat solid food all the time and I don't see what the big excitement is. Well, food can be exciting. But sometimes mushy food is tastier. You know, like stinky goodness. Maybe Mom's mushy food wasn't so tasty for her.

Tomorrow Mom and Grandma are going to eat sushi. I want to go too. Mom says they won't let cats in, tho. That's so not fair. After all, sushi is sposed to be made with fish and cats love eating fish! This is a page from the place they're gonna go. It seems kind of a shame they mess the nice fish up with all that rice.