Friday, January 20, 2006

Tuxie Bear and Stand Up and Get Linked!

Looky! The momma tuxie bear is hanging out keeping an eye on the baby. And the baby tuxie bear is in a bucket or somefin! My Mom's friend Denise (lookie at her cat placemat! we got one!) visited there last weekend and she sent Mom this picture. Mom asked and Denise said I could show the picture on my blog. Wasn't that nice of her?!?! It looks like the lil tuxie bear is growin up fast. He's so cute.

Also, effurybody, stand up and get linked! I got lotsa cat (and other) friends linked. But I'm purrty sure I missed some. So if you want to be linked on my bloggie here, leave me a comment, please. I want to get effurybody linked right. I don't want any of my old or new bloggin friends left out!

PS. Sunday is Answer Your Cat's Questions Day. Who's having the big party? I'll bring the nip! Sanjee has a link to more info on the holiday.