Friday, January 20, 2006

Mom started blogging and she broke the puter!!! I don't think we should let her blog at all any more if she's going to break it.

I have to say, though, that she stayed up all night and fixed it. Phew! She said a lot of bad words, though. And something about overheating and fur in fans. (I would never stick MY fur in a fan. I'm afraid I'd end up sucked into the fan. Ick!) She listened to some ghost story about an opera ghost while she fixed it tho. And she sang a lot. Really loud. I had to go downstairs and hide.

The puter is fixed, tho, and Mom stopped singing and everything's ok.

I'm wondering about this Tub Hockey thing, tho. I saw something about it on Derby's Blog
and I think I have to go investigate this. I hope Jinky doesn't mind me taking over the investigating for a little bit. Let's go see what I can find out.